Salat al kusuf (the solar eclipse salaah) times for Masajid in England.

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Salat al kusuf (the solar eclipse salaah) times for Masajid in England.

Post  khalillaher on Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:39 pm

There will be a partial solar eclipse on Tuesday 4th January 2011, Insha-Allah. In UK, the eclipse will start before sunrise (07:01 GMT) and will be seen from the eastern horizon just after 08:00 GMT. It will continue until 09:34 GMT.

Salat al kusuf (the solar eclipse salaah) is Sunnah, and it consists of two "rak'ahs", and should be done in congregation. There is no Khutbah, Azaan or Iqaamah.

Al Nu man Ibn Bashir said : The Messenger of Allah prayed the salat al kusuf with us like one of your salahs. He went into ruku and performed sajdah, praying two rak'ahs with two ruku's and supplicated to Allah until the sun clearly reappeared. ( Reported by Imam Nasai and Imam Abu Dawud)

8:30am Masjid Upton Lane, Forest Gate, London
8:40am Masjid Forest gate, Romford Road, London
8.35am Masjid Umar, Walthamstow, London
8.30am Masjid Abu Bakr,Mansfield Rd, Walthamstow, London

Please remember me in your dua's
Khalil Ibn Elyas Laher
East Ham, London


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