Tafseer Taweelat Ahlis Sunnah

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Tafseer Taweelat Ahlis Sunnah

Post  IbnMuhammad on Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:34 pm

Does anyone have any information regarding the book Tafseer Taweelat Ahlis Sunnah? Which manuscript is relied upon in the publication? Who carried out the 'Tahqeeq' on the publication


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Re: Tafseer Taweelat Ahlis Sunnah

Post  khalillaher on Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:42 pm

As for your question on the tafsír ‘Ta’wílát ahl as-sunnah’, I would go with Dár al-Kutub al-`Ilmiyyah edition. Obviously it is a later release. Moreover, Dr. Majdí Básalúm has written an excellent introduction, almost 350 pages. The only criticism may be that he only did a proper taḥqíq in the first few volumes of the tafsír. The later parts seem rushed. As for the edition of Fáṭimá al-Kaymí, it is okay. Most of the older versions are incomplete.

I dont have my copy at home i read in it Darul-Uloom. I would have to consult it when/if I head back. In the introduction he basically outlines the methodology of the author and provides a short biography.

Please remember me in your Duas.

Khalil Ibn Ilyas Laher


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