Are the Jinn responsible for their action's?

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Are the Jinn responsible for their action's?

Post  khalillaher on Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:39 pm

The general body(Jamhoor) of the ulama say jinn's are also responsible for their action's. They will get questioned on the Day of Reckoning also, the hashawiya(crammers) disagree.

The controversy(ikhtilaaf) between the ulama is will the' good jinn' enter Jannah or not and their are many opinions on this issue.

The Bad (Kuffar) jinn will definitely enter Jahanaam according to the general body of the Ulama.

Subtle point-In the Quraan when Allah relate's any verse regarding the jinn and the human together the word's used in Arabic are jinn and ins (18 time's altogether) and when Allah is only talking about human being's in the Quraan the word insaan is used (65 time's altogether)

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