Introduction to the Hanafi School: Sh Dr Ahmad Saeed Hawwa

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Introduction to the Hanafi School: Sh Dr Ahmad Saeed Hawwa

Post  khalillaher on Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:32 pm

Please see a link below to a book in Arabic on the Introduction to the Hanafi school of thought by Sh Ahmad Hawwa, one of the sons of the late Syrian Mujahid and Scholar, Saeed Hawwa.

This is a unique book which covers the Hanafi School comprehensively, especially the Usul. One of the interesting first remarks the Sh makes in the introduction is that most of the contemporary scholars who wrote on the school of Imam Abu Hanifah (in Usul) traversed the methodology of the Shafi’ school of thought or combined between the methodology of the Hanafis and the Shafis. They did not do justice to the methodology of the Hanafi school of thought in providing the detailed principles and maxims, or they touched upon some aspects while neglecting others.

Please e-mail me for the link as the site is not allowing me to paste the address.

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