Teaching Kids?

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Teaching Kids?

Post  khalillaher on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:08 pm

A common mistake is the usage of the old model of teaching the Arabic letters in terms of 'iraab (vowelisation).

We start with alif zabar aa, ba zabar baa, taa zabar taa, and so on.

This is completely wrong. And unscientific. Causes confusion in tot's mind. Especially when he comes to do tarkeeb (composing voweled words). By the time he has stated every letter with the word zabar, when he comes to the first letter to phonetise he forgets its sound. It is true. LOL.

For example the word ÃãÑ, sounded as 'amara'. The old method involves teaching alif zabar aa, mim zabar maa, ra zabar ra = a ma ra. The poor lad, when he comes to do himself, he looses the plot and forgets the target which is to ultimately say: amara.

The solution: is to teach from the onset the phonetic results of the of the specific 'iraab (vowel) against the letter. For example, instead of teaching alif zabar aa, ba zabar ba, ta zabar ta, ..., teach aa, ba, ta ... . When the 'iraab (vowel) changes to kasrah (zer), again DO NOT teach: alif zer e, ba zer bi, ta zer ti, ... . BUT DO TEACH: e, bi, ti, ... .

Using this new method, the child will learn 3 times faster, and will master the reading far better.

Try it and see the results.

Khalil Ibn Ilyas Laher


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