Sujud-al-Sahw for missing Qunut in Salaah-Al-Witr

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Sujud-al-Sahw for missing Qunut in Salaah-Al-Witr Empty Sujud-al-Sahw for missing Qunut in Salaah-Al-Witr

Post  khalillaher on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:31 pm

If someone praying witr forgets the Qunut and then remembers it while bowing, or
after having risen up from it, then he neither recites it in the ruku nor
returns to the original standing position in order to do so.Rather, he completes
the prayer and performs the Sujud-al-sahw for having missed a mandatory
requisite of the prayer(recitation of the qunut)

If however one utters the Qunut after raising his head from ruku,he is not to
repeat the ruku ,but must perform the sujud al-sahw for moving the qunut from
its original position and delaying a necessary action.

Radd-Al-Muhtaar DKI print Volume 2 pg 446-447
Hashiyat al-Tahtawi Pg385 DKI print
Fatawa-Rahimiyyah Volume 5 pg 230 Darul-Ishaat print

Remember me in your Dua's
Correct me if i'm incorrect plz

Khalil ibn Ilyas Laher
East Ham, London


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