RUKU in the Quran.

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RUKU in the Quran.

Post  khalillaher on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:11 am

RUKU in the Quran.
Mufti Faruk Saheb told us first in Arbi-Chaharum during tafseer lesson!!!
Hadhrat was also speaking about how people emphasise on stopping at certain verses. He explained how Qur’raa stresses you to stop in certain verses and advice you to continue in some.

That in the whole Quran there is one place in the Qur’an where the Ruku should’ve been placed somewhere else.

Hakeemul Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rm) has discussed this in one place in his books.

Mufti Saeed Palan puri (db) also discussed it,I'm not sure if Mufti Saeed palanpuri took it from Hakeemul Ummah or he thought about it himself.

It is the Ruku that comes in Surah Al-Waqiya

The Ruku ends on:

Li Ashabil Yameen

Ideally the Ruku should end at:

wa thulatum minal aakhireen

The answer given if anyone objects that this is an error in the Quran is simple:

We just have to say that these RUKU has got nothing to do with the actual Quran. Because they were not placed during the time of Our Beloved () time nor was it at the time of the Hadhraat Sahabah (RA). They were placed after.

Khalil Ibn Ilyas Laher


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Re: RUKU in the Quran.

Post  ibn munayyar on Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:01 pm

if it is a mistake, then why has it not been changed in the new masaahif?

ibn munayyar

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