Imam shafi visiting Imam Abu Hanifah's grave

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Imam shafi visiting Imam Abu Hanifah's grave

Post  khalillaher on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:26 am

Imam Shafi (rm) attended Imam Abu Hanifa’s grave, many people think thathe did not do Rafa yadain,

rafayadain is not necessary in the Shafi Madhab anyway. So that was not the thing he did not do. What Imam Shafi (rm) did not do was the QUNOOT in fajar. Because the Qunoot is necessary in the Shafi madhab.

This is not proof for the above statement!!!

من ذلك
مع هذا فكان فعضهم يصلي خلف بعض مثل ما كان أبو حنيفة وأصحابه والشافعي وغيرهم رضي الله عنهم يصلون خلف أئمة المدينة من المالكية وغيرهم وان كانوا لا يقرؤون البسملة لا سرا ولا جهرا

In spite of this, they would pray behind one another. Like what Abu Hanifa and his students, ash-Shafi'i and others (May Allah be pleased with them all) would pray behind the Imams of Madinah from the Malikis and others, even though they (the Malikis) would not recite basmala loudly nor silently.

Please remember me in your duas
Khalil Ibn Ilyas Laher


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