Advice for current students - especially those in Bukhari

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Re: Advice for current students - especially those in Bukhari

Post  muhammed patel on Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:02 pm

this is a personal one...make it your goal to partake within the Baraka of every Hadith (riwaayatun & diraayatun)and more importantly aspire/endeavour to send peace and salutations upon The Sublime at every juncture...

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Re: Advice for current students - especially those in Bukhari

Post  IbnMuhammad on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:34 pm

[left]most of the the shortcomings made throughout the course. Current students should pay attention to the word 'most'and not use this as an excuse to coast until they reach the final year.

I intend to outline some instructions which if followed religiously will be of immense benefit- Inshallah.

1. Muta'lah - If there is one aspect in your studying career which can be singled out as being the bakcbone of your academic ability (Isti'daad) it's your Muta'lah. Anyone who lacks in this will almost definitely be handicapped in other aspects of their studying.Most graduates - in hindsight - will attest to this. (Anyone who disagrees clearly hasn't done their Muta'lah and so their words hold no weight.)

Muta'lah involves initially taking the text which has not yet been covered in class and trying one's utmost to understand it without the aid of the lecturer. The first step would be to carry out the ritual - or mundane - Ibaarat & Tarjama. More times than not you will come across words
which you could swear never appeared in Safwatul Masaadir and so it would be wise at this point to consult your Misbaah, Lisaanul Arab, Taajul Uruus or Qamusul Muheet. Once you can read the text and translate with clarity we'll move onto getting to grips with the content. At this stage you will be required to consult the commentaries. Below I'll include my personal experience with certain commentaries. I haven't included commentaries for Nasai and Ibn Majah, I hope the other Shuyookh could undertake that task.

Fathul Bari- Without a doubt the most comprehensive commentary written on Bukhari or on any book of Hadith for that matter. Its greatness can be understood by the statement of Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi when he stated that if anyone wants to show a westerner the achievements of Islam, let him show him a copy of Ibn Hajar’s Fath.
Umdatul Qari- Second perhaps only to Ibn Hajar’s Fath. The author – Ayni- was a contemporary of Ibn Hagar and so the two books along with their authors have some ‘shared history’. It will serve to reinforce much of what is studied in Hidayah and other Hanafi texts.
Faydhul Bari- A book written more recently yet it apparently has all the hallmarks of the classical commentaries. Again it will reinforce the Hanafi side of study.
Kashful Bari- I was initially put off from the book due to its medium language- Urdu, but on casually flicking through it, I came to the conclusion that, unlike other books written in the language, it’s primary purpose was not to ‘dumb down’ the matter in question. Instead it focuses on assembling together key information which is otherwise widely dispersed- which is quite useful if you’re struggling for time.

Nawawi’s footnotes- This is preferred to Ibn Hajar’s Fath in many universities in the Muslim world due to its succinct yet effective nature. It leaves the reader with a clear understanding of the hadith in question
Fathul Mulhim- a book which was completed very recently and thus addresses many of the key issues that pertain to us today. It is regarded by Zahid Al-Kawthari as the best commentary on Muslim

Abu Dawud
Badhlul Majhud- This, in my opinion is an indispensable book for Hadith students. I only truly appreciated the knowledge of Shaykh Khalil Ahmed once I read this book, a work of sheer genius.

Maarifus Sunnan – Being a student of Shaykh Kashmiri, Shaykh Banori adds touches of the ingenuity he inherited from his teacher to make this another masterpiece, blemished only by the fact that it’s incomplete.
Tuhfatul Ahwadhi – A thorough commentary of Tirmidhi, though the author has a tendency to go overboard with his Hanafi onslaughts. It opens the student up to the possible criticisms that are levelled against the Hanafi Fiqh.


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Re: Advice for current students - especially those in Bukhari

Post  ATTABLIG on Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:52 am

assalamu alaikum
this is my first post in forum,so plz forgive me if i mistake in posting
i used these shuruhat of ahadis which this respected brother told plus these also

Inaamul Baari by Mufti Taqi usmani sb
Tarjumatul baab by Shaikh zakariya sb r.a

Tohfatul almaii by Mufti Saeed sb Palanpuri( Shaikhul hadis - Darul ulum deoban)
(in my openion this 1 is best for all ahadis book)

Addurul Mazud (translation and hawashi of bazlul majhud) by Mo.Aaqil sb saharanpuri

Takmilul hajah by mufti gulam rasul qasmi sb


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Re: Advice for current students - especially those in Bukhari

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