Adhan and iqamah for women ?

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Adhan and iqamah for women ? Empty Adhan and iqamah for women ?

Post  khalillaher on Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:01 pm

As for the Ahnaf it is against the Sunnah for a woman to whilst praying
alone or in a congregation of women to call out the adhan and iqamah. If she
does it it is allowed but she would be opposing the Sunnah. [See al-Mabsut
1/132, ar-Radd al-Muhtar 1/391]

The other schools allow it.

Also according to the Ahnaf it is preferable that a woman does not raise her
voice in the loud salah, rather according to some if it was said it invalidates
the salah it wouldn't be far from the truth. [See al-Bahr ar-Raiq 1/339,
Hashiyah At-Tahtawi ala al-Maraqi 1/161, Hashiyah ar-Radd al-Muhtar 1/437]

al-Mabsut 1/132, Published by Muhammad Afendi al-Maghribi.
ar-Radd al-Muhtar 1/391, Published Bayt al-Afkar.
al-Bahr ar-Raiq 1/339, Published by Dar al-Marifah.
Hashiyah At-Tahtawi ala al-Maraqi 1/161, Published by al-Matba`ah al-Kubra
Hashiyah ar-Radd al-Muhtar 1/437 Published Bayt al-Afkar.

And Allah knows best

Khalil ibn Ilyas Laher
East Ham, London


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