to ask is to disgrace, to notify is acceptable....

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to ask is to disgrace, to notify is acceptable....

Post  muhammed patel on Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:08 pm

Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahimahullah) narrates, "Whatever Deeni project or task is required, it should always be initiated with complete reliance upon Allah and it should only be for the sake of Allah. The Ulama should never incline or build hopes on the community, if the latter wish to distance themselves from service to deen it is their misfortune, for Allah always protects his Deen.

Generally, Muslims are still concerned, will understand, appreciate and applaud the task which a pious alim may be undertaking with the modest resources at his disposal. in complete contrast the suave scholar who is able to raise funds by asking always ends up disgracing himself even when the task in hand is communal.

Yes, general notification is acceptable and if it is carried out with sincerity it is not without effect. Every person is only liable for what is in his own control, should nobody assist then so be it. Undertake what is possible and leave aside what is not possible without communal assistance.

I advise Ulama (under such circumstance) to work from their residence and within their means, eat from their own earnings and teach those who arrive with talab...however, under no circumstances ask. Complain to Allah,'we only undertook what was within our means, for the larger tasks funds were not forthcoming and those who possessed did not aid'. Allah will apprehend the necks of the community. Experience shows how the character of those who ask becomes corrupted. Deeni 'ilm is denigrated and its effects nullified.'

Amanah Journal (bi tagayyurin yaseer)

Volume 3 Issue 7 Page 8 1463-3825(Rajab/Sha'ban 1431 mutaabiq July 2010)

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