Fa zakkir inama anta muzakkir

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Fa zakkir inama anta muzakkir

Post  khalillaher on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:14 am

This is the verse that is important to remember while you are preaching (Tabligh) or teaching etc.

You should have love for ILM (knowledge) and much passion for it.

The love for knowledge should remain till death. Not just till you graduate!! (get farig)

A fala yanzuru ilal ibili kayfa khulikat

The same way iBiL (The Camel) carries sacrifice but still completes its mission. The same way a person should have that zeal for iLM (knowledge). No matter what age he reaches, even when he is an old man.

the writer of Muktasar Khalili

Of the Maliki Madhab.

The latter on scholars like Imam Nasir Uddin Mahali (rm) have said even if he (Imam Khalil) is wrong they would follow him.

Imagine how respectable this person is? It is written that he wrote the book. For 20 years he did not see the River nile. That how much he was engaged in studying. He did not sleep in the nights. He only rested a couple of hours during the day.

How many times have we seen the Thames?

The reason why he was blessed as a great Scholar is: once he went to his teacher’s house, he asked where his teacher was. He got the reply that his teacher was getting to wash the toilet. He then rolled his sleeves and went and cleaned the toilet. When his teacher saw this, he could not believe that the student could with-hold his desire to this extent. So his teacher made dua for him.

Remember me in your duas

Khalil Ibn Ilyas Laher


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