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Post  khalillaher on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:36 am

Allah has taught us to have TAWAADHOO (humble ourselves) while walking on this earth.

We should have love for ilm

Sheikh Saad Uddin Taftazani(Author of mukhtasar al-maani and Sharhul-Aqaaid-An-Nasafiyyah)

He was the weakest in his class. He was not just weakest in his class, he was even weaker then the students in other classes. At that time the weak students used to study hard and not waste time. Unfortunately now the cards have turned. The weaker students spend time in other things instead of trying to study. Once he saw in his dream, that he was studying someone was asking him to come, he kept saying No if I go then what will happen to my studies, then the person said, that Our Beloved () is there. When he heard Our Beloved () name he got up without outing his shoes and rushed to meet him. Our Beloved () asked why he didn’t come earlier he expressed that he was studying and he didn’t know that Our Beloved () was calling him. Then Our Beloved () took sliver out of his mouth and placed it into his mouth. The next morning during class Shiekh Saad was answering all the questions in the class. His teacher said, what happened you are not like the Saad that has been yesterday.

What it means you have to keep trying to study, you don’t give up.

It is not necessary that everything you have read, you will remember, but you want to keep making dua that Allah accepts you.

Please remember me in your Duas
Khalil Ibn Ilyas Laher


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